Julie’s Sleep Routine

Julie’s Sleep Routine

Many of my clients struggle with sleep issues.  I have found that one of the best ways to combat sleep issues is to develop a bedtime routine.  Here’s mine:

I like to fall asleep by 10:15, so I head upstairs to bed between 9:00-9:30.  I always bring at least 1 Mason jar (about 28-30 oz) of ice water upstairs to my bathroom. I attach my watch and phone to their chargers.  Then I wash my face and brush my teeth.  It’s completely quiet.  No music, no television.  I put some doTERRA Deep Blue Rub on my lower back.  If I’m feeling a little restless, I’ll take 1 or 2 doTERRA Serenity Softgels.

I close the blinds then go turn on the night light in the bathroom down the hall. I check the thermostat and turn off all the lights upstairs, except for the light on my nightstand.

I have found that my favorite falling asleep activity is called Mahjongg Solitaire on the USA Today website.  I play 2 ten-minute games on my laptop, then lights off.  For some reason, this game is a good brain challenge for me and it makes me feel tired. 

The whole process takes about 45 minutes, but what I have learned is not to hurry through any of it. What’s most important is to try to be mindful in every step of this process. When I’m in the present moment, my mind doesn’t start to think about tomorrow or earlier in the day. When I pay special attention to squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube onto the toothbrush, my mind slows down. This is one of the keys to better quality sleep. Staying present is a great way to train the brain and one of the best ways to use your mind. It also prevents your mind from controlling you.

If I wake up in the middle of the night and don’t fall right back to sleep, I get up, use the bathroom, then put a couple drops of doTERRA Breathe oil around my nose.  If I notice that my stomach is bothering me, then I put a couple drops of doTERRA DigestZen on my stomach.  If I still can’t get back to sleep right away, then I play a book on Audible using one AirPod in either ear. (I sleep on my side.)  I always have a book on standby that is slightly boring, but worth the money/credit I pay for it.  Biographies of historical figures are great for this!  I play the book until I start to feel drowsy.  When I notice that the narrator is keeping me awake, I know it’s time to take out the AirPod and put it on my nightstand.  By this point, I’m usually too tired to put it back in its case!

Choosing the right book for this can be tricky.  I can recommend a couple if you’re interested.  Send me an email for more information about good books that will put you back to sleep.  It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s really not.

I have been experiencing sleep issues associated with menopause for a couple of years now, and I am so glad to finally figure out a way to improve my sleep habits and cycles.  I hope something from this post is helpful to you!  Email me with any feedback. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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