Change Is Hard

Change is Hard

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I talk to a lot of people about their struggles in life.  Whether it’s weight-loss, reducing stress, or any other aspect of life that they would like to be different, there is always that reluctance to change the way they’re doing things. They want things to be different, but they just can’t seem to find the motivation to take action.  We call this living in the comfort zone. However, the comfort zone can be detrimental to so many aspects life. 

For example, people who live with anxiety have a multitude of options at their fingertips to help manage the stress and fear that can sometimes plague them.  Of course I have always recommended meditation to these people, but not everyone feels like meditation is possible for them. I have met many people who say, “I can’t meditate.” And believe me, I understand. Meditation is challenging. But there are other relaxation techniques a person can try to reduce their anxiety.

Or say, for example, in talking with someone who is overweight, they will say, “I just can’t lose the weight. I’ve tried everything.” And when they use this kind of talk, I know that their motivation is low. I don’t blame them. It can be very disheartening to go through diets, exercise programs, etc. and not get the results you were expecting regardless of how hard you’ve tried.

Don’t Give Up

It’s just that once you get used to living with anxiety or being over weight, or any other lifestyle malady, and you seem to do well in managing through, it’s hard to actually want to be rid of the problem altogether.  Some people wake up in the morning feeling anxious from the minute they get out of bed. They may be so used to this feeling that they don’t even realize what’s happening to them physiologically, emotionally, and mentally.  They are so accustomed to this negative energy that they begin to feel like it’s their “normal”.  This is their comfort zone.

Eventually though most people reach a breaking point. We all have our limits of what we will put up with and what we just cannot tolerate any longer. It might be a certain number on the scale or it might be a panic attack. Whatever your limit is, you’ll know when you’ve reached it. It’s when you’re ready to explore other options and do so with gusto.


This is where coaching comes in. Coaching has been called the missing link in how people can go from obesity to a total lifestyle change, and there are a multitude of studies that prove that coaching works. Change is hard and doing it alone can leave a person feeling disheartened and isolated. Coaching offers a system of accountability that not only allows you to decide for yourself what’s possible, but to create a vision for what you would really like to see happening in your life. This vision is vital because it’s how you set an intention for your future. And setting intentions will do more for you than just daydreaming and wishing.

Changes in Three Months

With my coaching program, we will set a 3-month vision together and then set up weekly phone calls that usually take about 30 – 45 minutes. During each call we will set up new goals for the following week. These check-in calls give you the opportunity to explore your wins and your areas that might need some tweaking. So it’s a system of win/learn not win/lose. This enables you to be empowered by what works for you and making the most of what you learn about yourself.

My clients are achieving some incredible results, however, of not only weight loss, but also improving a sense of balance with work and family.  Sometimes they are amazed at how by simply creating a wellness vision and challenging themselves with weekly goals, they actually move in the direction of that vision!

So if you feel like you might be ready to explore having a coach, I know that together we can achieve the progress you’re looking for in your life.  Introductory coaching call is always free and takes about 30 minutes.  Let me know how I can help you make a change in your life for the better.

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