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Setting Powerful Intentions for Your Life

Even though January has passed, it’s never too late to set intentions. Every month, every day, or every hour is a chance for you to assess what areas of your life could be improved upon. Even if you are a highly successful individual who “has it all together”, there is always room for improvement.

Setting intentions for your life is an important step toward not only achievement and success but also toward creating more balance and harmony in your life. While setting intentions helps you reflect on your goals and aspirations, it also provides an opportunity for introspection. Having intentions in place can help you focus your mind and energy, setting the stage for a life in balance.

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Work-Life Balance

Purposeful intentions help you discover new ways of working toward your goals, and they can inspire growth in the areas most meaningful to you. They can help you make a daily game plan to develop a new mindset and achieve an optimal outcome. And not least of all, intentions are a means of communicating with the universe that you want more for your life.

In Michael Singer’s book “The Untethered Soul”, he says, “Life has more to offer us than we could ever ask for ourselves.” If this is true, why not ask for what you truly desire?

What’s Possible?

This intention-setting process requires some contemplation and/or meditation, allowing you to tune into what is right for you on a personal level. This process also allows you to become more aware of your potential for change and growth and will inspire you to make shifts in your mindset for a better life.

What does it mean to set an intention?

When we set an intention, we are asking for something in our life to be better. Setting an intention demonstrates the belief that there is more for us to experience in our lives. This gives us the impetus to always be seeking, and it helps us align our actions with our intentions.

One example of a specific intention is demonstrated by the following scenario: You are experiencing conflict with a family member and would like to be on better terms with them. Your intention may be that you would like to see a resolution to this conflict that would serve/benefit both you and your relative. While it’s not necessary to know how this resolution will occur, it is your intention/belief/hope that carries the power of the intention. This intention also gives you focus and clarity of mind when thoughts about the conflict arise.


Because you are asking for something to change or shift in a positive way in your relationship with your relative, you are setting the stage for resolution. If you are genuine in your intention, the intention itself will filter through your own perspective and mindset regarding the conflict. You may begin to notice an easing of tension in your mind when you consider the issue. Over time, this intention will filter through conversations with this relative. And just like that, you and your relative are reconnected with mutual respect and possibly closer for having come through the conflict. It’s possible that you both grew from the experience!

When you set powerful intentions, you are embarking on a path of growth and development. By focusing on your desired outcomes, you gain clarity around what is most important to you. This helps you make better decisions and move forward with confidence.

Why is it important to set intentions?

In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “The Power of Intention”, he explains how an intention is something we can feel, connect with, know, and trust. “It’s an inner awareness that we explicitly feel, and yet at the same time cannot truly describe with words.”

A powerful intention is a strong desire to achieve a goal that really matters to you. It is a positive, heartfelt wish for a desired outcome. Setting an intention is a means of asking for what we want/need. By setting intentions for ourselves, we can begin to optimistically pursue our dreams and aspirations with greater conviction.

4 Types of Intentions

You can set intentions for yourself, for your loved ones, or for the world around you. There are several different types of intentions that you can use in building your power. Here is an essential guide to setting powerful intentions that will make a significant impact on your life.


Where you put your focus is where you put your energy.

1. Intention for highest resolution

An intention for the highest resolution is a personal intention focused on resolving an issue or problem in the most effective way possible. This type of intention is a powerful way to ask for a shift in your mindset or perspective toward a particular issue or concern you are having. For example, consider using this type of intention when you are in conflict with someone.

We all experience times of conflict with others, and sometimes these conflicts may seem unresolvable. Try this type of intention to increase the possibility for resolution to the conflict. Remember that setting intentions requires sincerity and authenticity. Keep in mind that the more open you are to a new perspective, the more likely you are to discover a resolution that will serve both you and the person with whom you are in conflict.

Statements of intention for highest resolution may include:

“May I be open to new perspectives regarding this conflict.”

“May I become aware of when my mind and/or heart closes to this person.”

“May I become more curious about why this person feels the way they do.”

These statements are a means of opening yourself up to the potential for resolution. Consider this exercise as if it were a science experiment. You are both the scientist and the guinea pig. What have you got to lose?

2. Intention for excellence

When we set an intention for personal excellence, it is a means of staying focused on perfecting our craft. It involves setting high standards and reaching new levels of performance while always aiming to be the best we can be.


Intentions for excellence may include the following phrases:

“May I become aware of when I am not trying my best.”

“May I put forth the effort required to succeed with this endeavor.”

“May I be an example for others by having a strong work ethic.”

“May I spend more time working on my skills.”

Intentions for excellence are not about belittling yourself for not succeeding, but rather a way of inspiring yourself to put in the effort and stay on track with your performance goals.

3. Intention for personal growth

Personal growth intentions are designed to help us grow and develop as individuals. These intentions are a way to improve our health, relationships, and overall well-being. A personal growth intention is focused on expanding our knowledge, understanding, and capabilities. This type of intention helps us to live more fulfilling lives.

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Intentions for personal growth may include the following phrases:

“May I spend 2 (or more) hours/week reading about a topic that enhances my understanding about my health/condition.”

“May I become aware of when I am impatient and take a breath in that moment to relax.”

“May I be kind/forgiving/compassionate toward myself and others.”

“May I move past my mistakes with grace and learn something new from them.”

“May I have an attitude of gratitude in more areas of my life.”

4. Intention for service

Intentions for service are an opportunity for us to give back to the world/planet regardless of our current circumstances. This type of intention helps us to focus on creating positive changes by helping others and making the world a better place for everyone. Even if we don’t have a large bank account to donate toward causes that improve our community/region/country/world, we can set forth intentions to make positive shifts in our behavior that contribute to a better place.


Some examples of intentions for service are:

“May I remember to say ‘Thank you’ when someone is kind to me.”

“May I become aware of when I am in a hurry and overlook someone in need.”

“May I leave a place cleaner/better than how I found it.”

“May I make time to do something kind for a friend who is in need.”

“May I be generous.”

How to set intentions that are meaningful

Setting an intention is a means of asking for what we want/need. This does not mean asking for that pony you never got as a child, but more about what enhancements you would like to incorporate into your life. Some examples can be connection, trust, mindfulness, generosity, etc. If you are uncertain about what intentions to set for yourself, turn to your heart for guidance.

Turning to the heart for guidance

Your heart is the center of your emotions and feelings. It is also the source of your intuition. When setting intentions, try this exercise. Sit in a comfortable position and slowly begin to breathe in and out of your heart or heart center. Bringing your attention to this center as a source of your innermost being, ask yourself what habits or behaviors would truly enhance your life. Ask yourself what is holding you back from truly enjoying your life and what steps you can take to remove this barrier. By asking yourself questions about what you want in life, you gain clarity about your goals and intentions.


It is also a good idea to ask yourself what this intention will do for you. In other words, how will this intention improve your life? This question allows you to connect on a deeper level with your “why” and your motivation for setting this intention.

Be clear about why this is important to you.

Heart-based intentions set a clear pathway for making positive changes in your life. You can harness the power of your positive mindset and create positive results in your life. Not only will setting powerful intentions help you reach your goals, but it also cultivates a mindset that is focused on growth and improvement. Additionally, intentions provide a solid foundation for setting SMART goals.

Integrating intention-setting in your life

Take some time each day to relax and remind yourself of your intention. You may want to write your intention on a post-it note and place it somewhere that is visually prominent (e.g. bathroom mirror, refrigerator, coffee maker, etc.). Take time weekly to reflect on the progress you have made either just mentally or by journaling about it.

Setting powerful intentions is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It can help you achieve your goals, feel more positive and connected, and live a better life overall.

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