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Sports Coaching

What is sports performance coaching?

  • By using simple techniques, you can center yourself.
  • Achieve your highest abilities on the course, court, or field.
  • Attain and retain your training capacities during competition.
  • Immediate recall of coaching strategies during competition.
  • Team coach not available during play? Rely on yourself!
  • Gain the ability to respond to stressful situations rather than reacting to them.
  • Control your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you.
  • No YIPS zone.
  • Achieve total belief in your abilities to compete at your highest level.
  • Implement 5-minute daily exercises to enable focus during competition.
  • Cut out the mental chatter.
  • Sense your opponent’s stress level.
  • Alleviate anxiety that only distracts and hinders performance.
  • Discover the quickest path to a calm emotional state.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to overcome adversity.