opening the heart meditation

Opening the Heart Meditation

As you do this meditation, you will allow these challenging feelings to be attended to so that they aren’t so scary anymore. As you become familiar with this practice, you may notice that you are better able to face uncomfortable emotions instead of letting them control you.


Type: Audio
Duration: 9 minutes

What’s Included?

1. Introduction to Opening the Heart Meditation

This is a brief introduction to the Opening the Heart Meditation. It explains the process and benefits of opening your heart to uncomfortable emotions rather than ignoring or repressing them.

2. Opening the Heart Meditation

This recording is the Opening the Heart Meditation. It will teach you the technique of activating compassion in order to open your heart to uncomfortable emotions. As we move through our lives, we spend a great deal of time, money, and effort on avoiding or repressing uncomfortable emotions. This meditation gives you the opportunity to lean into uncomfortable emotions with compassion and care.

Please note: If this is your first time doing this meditation, choose an emotion that is not too intense. It’s best to start with something mild when first experiencing this meditation.  Using a scale of 1-10 for intensity, with a 10 being very intense; choose something that is a 4 or 5.  Then, as you become more familiar with the process of this meditation, you can choose something with greater intensity.

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