Guided Meditation

I composed this guided meditation a little over a month ago for some of my clients. It’s designed to help you find the courage to trust your inner wisdom and ability to create. And by create, I don’t mean just art. Creativity can also mean creating new habits, ideas, perspectives, ways of thinking, etc. As human beings, we have the power to create change that can positively affect our world. My hope is that we can create new positive ways of thinking, acting, and being that will benefit us, and those around us as well.

If you know how the brain works, then you know that the more often a message is repeated in the mind, the mind remembers that message more readily. So the idea here is to do this meditation once a day, knowing that every time you do it, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain. Over time, you may notice positive changes occurring in your life that can benefit you, those you love, and possibly everyone!

It’s less than 12 minutes; feel free to share it!

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